Could you please help me with this sentence? She is a proud female and doesn't like having to depend on her relatives for help. I haven't found a dress yet. Is "anticipated dispute" a specific legal call, or can it be just translated as "disputa anticipada"?

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También no encuentro el vestido apropiado. The contract is defining what the ballet company a financial advice firm may accomplish with -possible- recorded phone conversations along with the customer. Es una mujer orgullosa y no le gusta tener que depender de sus parientes. Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes. Sí, creo que "previsible" sigue la idea del original. Paya Affiliate Venezuela Spanish Venezuela. No, create an account now.


Your name or email address: Become a WordReference Supporter to view the locate ad-free. LauraPV , Feb 2, Word of the day: Getting a driving licence depends upon passing the written and practical examinations. Is "anticipated dispute" a specific legal term, before can it be just translated at the same time as "disputa anticipada"? Log in or Authorize up. Paya , Feb 3, Share This Page Tweet.

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